Name: Supporter Rank
Price: 5.99 USD

Access to /condense - Condense items into blocks
Access to /craft - Open a 3x3 crafting table
Access to /ec - Access your enderchest anywhere
Access to /feed - Restore hunger bar to max (Cooldown: 3 Minutes)
Access to /kit Supporter - Access VIP set of weapons, tools and armor
Access to /nick - Ability to change nickname to anything
Access to /pv 1 - Access 1 private vault anywhere
Access to /uncondese - Uncondese blocks into items

Obtain a Supporter tag beside your name
Ability to join full servers
Access to chat folor codes
Set maximum of 8 Homes
Maximum of 7 slots for /ah listings

On-Purchase Rewards
100 Cypercoins
1 VoteParty Crate Key
1 Epic Crate Key