Name: Elite Rank
Price: 13.99 USD

Inherits all commands from Supporter
Access to /back - Teleport to last saved death location (Cooldown: 5 Minutes)
Access to /heal - Instantly restores full health (Cooldown: 5 Minutes)
Access to /kit Elite - Access to Elite set of weapons, tools and armor
Access to /ptime - Change personal in-game time
Access to /pv 2 - Access to 2 private vaults anywhere
Access to /pweather - Change personal in-game weather
Access to /tptoggle - Block all forms of teleportation to you


Inherits all perks from Supporter
Obtain a Elite tag beside your name
Set maximum of 10 Homes
Maximum of 9 Slots for /ah listings

On-Purchase Rewards

150 Cypercoins
2 VoteParty Crate Key
2 Epic Crate key