Name: Baron Rank
Price: 24.99 USD

Inherits all commands from Supporter and Elite
Access to /fix - Repairs damaged item in hand
Access to /hat - shifts item in hand to your head
Access to /kit Baron - Access Baron set of weapons, tools and armor
Access to /pv 3 - Access to 3 private vaults
Access to /pos - Get The location of any Player
Access to /ride - Ability to ride a player or mob
Access to /clear - Ability to clear your whole inventory with a command


Inherits all perks from Supporter and Elite
Obtain a Baron tag beside your name
Set maximum of 12 Homes
Maximum of 11 Slots for /ah listings

On-Purchase Rewards

250 Cypercoins
3 VoteParty Crate Key
3 Epic Crate key