Name: Champion Rank
Price: 34.99 USD

Inherits all commands from Supporter, Elite and Baron
Access to /dispose - Dispose items by running the command
Access to /dye - Dye leather armor to any color
Access to /fly - Ability to fly in-game
Access to /kit Champion - Access to Champion set of weapons, tools and armor
Access to /pv 4 - Access to 4 private vaults anywhere
Access to /rename - Ability to rename items with color codes
Access to /msgtoggle - Lets you toggle Private Messages
Access to /pwarp - Ability to create maximum 3 player warps


Inherits all perks from Supporter, Elite and Baron
Obtain a Champion tag beside your name
Set maximum of 15 Homes
Maximum of 12 Slots for /ah listings
Money earned from jobs multiplied by 1.3x

On-Purchase Rewards

300 Cypercoins
4 VoteParty Crate Key
5 Epic Crate key